Chapter V: Home

At this point, Henry was certain that he was limping. When his left leg started to give way with each step that he took and every movement fractured his face into a grimace of agony before he’d stop and lean against a tree every few feet. Of course, he could only lean against his left… Continue reading Chapter V: Home


From the Shelves: The Territories

From the References: Each collected by Kaedwyn agents post reception To Vizier Haluk alu Marun What is this blubbering that I’m hearing in the Council? I have heard from multiple sources that you are about whining and sobbing over your appointment as Overseer of Vanois. What impudence and thankless callousness? Need I remind you of… Continue reading From the Shelves: The Territories

Chapter IV: Smoke

It was the drowning sensation of smoke filling his lungs, forcing the air from his lungs that woke Henry from the blackness that had swallowed him up. His body lurched violently on the riverbed as his throat cracked and the hoarse sound of his dying lungs filled the air. His eyes ripped open and Henry… Continue reading Chapter IV: Smoke

Chapter III: On the Run

The burn of the cut streaked across his face, wooden talons slashing his soft cheeks as branches whipped across his eyes, blinding him momentarily. Henry ground his teeth tighter and let the pain wash away as he blinked and kept running, bounding over a rock and praying that they got free before the raiders were… Continue reading Chapter III: On the Run

From the Shelves: Umberlyn

Kaedwyn References: Dispatch Intercepted by Kaedwyn Agents post delivery:   Salutations in the Highest,   Even with your request for informality, I find this difficult to deliver upon, but I will press forward. I am nothing if not tenacious. I thank you for the gracious offer you have given me even to this day. Umberlyn,… Continue reading From the Shelves: Umberlyn

Chapter II: Umberlyn Ablaze

The city transformed into something out of a nightmare, shattering and breaking with every scream and every death. The blood began seeping into its foundations and the outsiders running through the streets were butchering it. Henry had known this city his entire life. He knew every alley and ever street, every shortcut and every shop.… Continue reading Chapter II: Umberlyn Ablaze