The Story Begins…

Here at Kaedwyn, I will be keeping a record of stories that have changed the face of Illythia forever. From stories of the great and powerful, to the small yet influential, you will be given exclusive access to content and stories on a weekly, and soon daily, basis.

The first Serial that I’ll be providing is the Tale of Henry, a boy stripped of everything, home and family, left a refugee to scratch a living in a foreign city, shunned by all. But, Henry has an unstoppable heart and refuses to let life throw him down and has vowed to carve a just and worthy life out of his dismal existence.

If you’re a fan of fantasy, looking for a story of depth and promise, look no further. Tell your friends, share with others, and get the word out. Kaedwyn’s doors are now open and the world is free for you now exclusively here!


Welcome to the Adventure,



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