From the Shelves: The Territories

From the References: Each collected by Kaedwyn agents post reception

To Vizier Haluk alu Marun

What is this blubbering that I’m hearing in the Council? I have heard from multiple sources that you are about whining and sobbing over your appointment as Overseer of Vanois. What impudence and thankless callousness? Need I remind you of the labor it took to appoint you to this esteemed position? Would you rather oversee a fishing village in the Prasinos? Say the word and I will see your esteemed and glorious rump upon a different dot on the map.

Let me make this amply clear to you. Vanois does not need you meddling with its affairs. Your estate in Vanois is the Mayor’s house and that is how they like it. Do you think Kadri visits Halim? Do you think Izzet has anything to do with how Dorothea conducts their affairs? Of course not, salak! They pay their taxes, fill your coffers, and you pay your taxes. That’s how it works. You’re not governing anything. So don’t you worry your precious entitled head. It’s not like we need intelligent people overseeing these places. I just need your vote when the Triumvirate is assembled. Understood? If I hear you’ve sent an envoy, representative, sihirbaz, or even a letter, I will have you pull from your post and sent to the Prasinos where you’ll actually need to oversee.

The only way we keep the northern territories loyal is through their conceived independence. They think they’re free to make their choices and in turn, they take the brunt of northern invasions. If those fools ever wake up, then we’ll talk about sending a military presence, but until then, leave them alone.

Do I make myself clear, Haluk?


Veda,Grand Vizier of the Triumvirate of Glorious Tyrantium,  Mustafa alu Vissam


(This Letter was recovered from the Chambers of Vizier Haluk, heavily stained with wine.)


Dearest and Beloved Brigitte,

How are you my Love? I miss you ever so much. I do hope that you will return soon from your father’s estate in Beauvois. I do not understand this illness that afflicts you so, but I trust in Landerline surgeons and physickers in your father’s court. I simply miss you dreadfully. I feel that every chance I see you, you are stolen away from me. It is a cruel turn of events to have such a beautiful wife and yet have her taken from me so often.

I miss your comfort. It is dark times here. Savages have invaded the doorstep from the north. That wizard’s war in the Heartlands is driving foul things through the forests of Arenja and Dovgorod and they simply hide in their fortresses and let them flood Fenkland. Why does this responsibility fall to me? First father’s horrid death and now this? An invasion of unwashed savages who pray to animals? I have gone to bed weeping many nights. I miss your presence.

Poor Ulrich was just as perplexed as I was. I know the weight of the crown sits heavily upon his mind. One day, he will have to make these calls and I can see the worry in his mind. As for me, I listen to my advisors, but all they can do is bicker and argue. So many of them have taken matters into their own hands and ridden off to battle these savages, only to come back as corpses in wagons. It’s dreadful. I have kept strong while holding court, but so many people shout at me and demand answers.

But, I am pleased to tell you that I have found a solution. Well, honestly, it came from Cedric. I do not think our son likes me much. He glares at me so much and it offends me. But, his mind is like nothing I’ve seen before. He came up with the most cunning scheme. He said: “Father, give them gold and weapons and point them south to the Territories.”

At first, I did not understand. What would stop them from using those weapons on us. Cedric said that Tyrantium is an Empire and we’re just a lowly kingdom. I almost wanted to slap him again until Callum said something similar and Edward told me that he would seed the savages with rumors of the wealth in Umberlyn and Dorothea. I’m sure I’m forgetting the details, but essentially, sweet Brigitte, they believe we can use these barbarians to help us to expand our borders south or at least weaken the Territories. How fascinating is that?

I do think I should request again that your father send me some soldiers to help stabilize some things. Edward says I should push for this, but your father is a king and I understand how busy things can be. Do mention it to him and see if he’s warmed to the idea. I don’t want to be rude though, so please be delicate.

Ulrich says hello and Constance sends her love along with Cecilia. Enclosed is a ring that Cedric wanted me to give you. He said that he found it while hunting. He said it’s from a Landerline Dodger that took him weeks to deal with. What a strange child we have. He is so dark sometimes. How could a fox have a ring? Silly boy, he is too old for such fantasies. I asked the chamber maid to clean it. I think there was blood on it. Cedric must take better care with such things. I hope you enjoy his little token.

Know that I love you, Brigitte. I miss you more and more with each day. I have sent for the Collegium to send me their finest physicker so that I can move you back to the home I’m sure you miss. My love only swells for you more and more with each passing day. I hope to see you soon. We will have a beautiful celebration on your return.


In your Love,King Ulrich Rosenthal III of Fenkland, protector of Gueld, defender of Isle deMourne, and Rightful Heir of the Rothvid Empire


(This letter was found in the estate of Count Reynard Beaumare)


Brothers and Sisters,


Down the Path lies Dorothea! No matter what gods you kneel to or Saints you submit to, all can say that it is among the stony foundations of Dorothea that we can build a new and better world for ourselves and our children. No longer are we slaves to an empire or islands in a sea of murderous bandits and raiders. From this day forward, we have been given the ability to govern ourselves.

This is a daunting prospect. Governing ourselves puts the responsibility on us. Failure is ours, success is ours, and our lives are in our hands Our future will be dictated by our labor and our words. Vanois, Geuvain, Trennon, and Umberlyn have all agreed with the terms Tyrantium has offered as well. They are taking the path of freedom with us. We are not alone in this journey and we can learn from one another.

On the first day of Long Moon, we will join together as a city and we will hear the cases for each position that needs filled. We will be taking names for City Council members. Look to your neighbors, your families, and your friends. For this to work, we are all going to need to be diligent in out tasks.

While we begin this transition be aware of the following:

  • All Tyrantine forces will be transferred out of the city by the first of Long Moon. Please do not hinder them in their removal and assist in any way you can. Please see Captain Thaulkos if you have any further questions
  • By orders of Captain Thaulkos, all weapons are to be presented to the new Guard barracks and held for safety and security. Violence will not be tolerate during this transitional period.
  • Those currently without labor or employment will report to Cleric Nico at the Chapel of Mirna for duty roster placement. All must pull their weight in our new world.
  • Finally, no one is to outside during the transition while curfew hours are in effect. We want to minimalize the possibility of criminal activity or infiltration of the city from outside influences

Thank you for your compliance with this list. Cleric Nico intends to reopen the quarry and begin rebuilding the city at once. Thank you for your help in this transition. I look forward to a better future for us all.


(This public notice was removed from Dorothea before House Thaulkos was established as the ruling monarch of Dorothea. It should also be noticed that the vast majority of Dorothea is illiterate.)


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