Chapter XIII: The Stand

For days, Henry left the coin in his room, horrified of it, too fearful to touch it. He didn’t want to think about his encounter with the man whose eyes wept smoke and whose skin was as pale as spider silk. But, at the same time, it was all that he could think of. Even… Continue reading Chapter XIII: The Stand


From the Shelves: The Gods

It is said, that the gods once walked among men. It is a common thread that I have discovered, not just among the Tyrantines, Malonese, and the texts we still have from Atherlon. But what surprises me, is that the Woodlanders claim the same. The spirits tell them that the gods walked the forests and… Continue reading From the Shelves: The Gods

Chapter XII: The Coin

It took a month for life in the Chapel to become normal, or at least, understandable for Henry. It was a place, much like the workshop back in Umberlyn, that thrived on routine and order. Fumbling his way through all of it, Henry eventually understood the way things worked and where he was needed in… Continue reading Chapter XII: The Coin

Chapter XI: The Switch

Brother Firat’s method of instruction was not the method that Henry was used to, but when the switch slashed across his knuckles, Henry found himself remembering the letters a lot faster. The desk that he was assigned to had confused him at first, the strange marks where it looked like wild animals had been clawing… Continue reading Chapter XI: The Switch

From the Shelves: Trennon

“I first came to Trennon from the East, making my way upon the back of an ass from Valen with a convoy of merchants and traders with their armed escorts. The safest way to travel in the Territories is in groups. Lone travelers vanish from the road as quickly as the wildflowers do from the… Continue reading From the Shelves: Trennon

Chapter X: Henry the Initiate

The robes were heavy, the weight of them were strange on Henry. He wasn’t used to the feeling. He realized how cold he was now, how he had adapted to a harsher world where he couldn’t think about the child that had seeped inside of him. He couldn’t worry about things like that when his… Continue reading Chapter X: Henry the Initiate

Chapter IX: The Centurion’s Gambit

The man did not answer. He reached behind him, through the folds of the cloak that had been thrown over his shoulders, looking more like a cape now than a cloak. He withdrew a cloth, tarnished and stained with what looked like the blood of numerous other misguided attackers. He wiped his blade with a… Continue reading Chapter IX: The Centurion’s Gambit

From the Shelves: The Holy Order of Saint Mirna

The Canticle of Saint Mirna A Prayer of the Saint Mirna as according to Haymjar. “O Silent One, I bask in your renown and glory. I am prostrate with reverence that in my time I might see such wonders. Who am I, O Silent One, that I might hear your call when I was but… Continue reading From the Shelves: The Holy Order of Saint Mirna

Chapter VIII: Boglin

The room was a gaggle of misfits and confused Umberlyn refugees, surrounded by a layer of scrappy, scrawny thugs that looked like they could barely find a full shirt among the lot of them. Their arms were covered in tattoos, some of them wore suspenders, and others wore daggers on their hips that looked like… Continue reading Chapter VIII: Boglin

Chapter VII: Bogland

The sky looked like a dark slate, bulging and sinking until it looked like Henry was under the sea, staring up at a tumultuous ocean from the bottom of the sea. He blinked as the first, fat drop of rain smacked against his forehead. Henry blinked and stared at the sky, feeling the next strike… Continue reading Chapter VII: Bogland