From the Shelves: The Holy Order of Saint Mirna

The Canticle of Saint Mirna

A Prayer of the Saint Mirna as according to Haymjar. “O Silent One, I bask in your renown and glory. I am prostrate with reverence that in my time I might see such wonders. Who am I, O Silent One, that I might hear your call when I was but a child of the wood? Who am I to receive the blessing of your anointment?

The Silent One, who dwells beyond, whispered into my ear the song of freedom, that we may know His love. He, who forged the mountains and ignited the sun to melt the sky, and who delivers the soul to the sea, has come to me and spoken a great truth, one that I could not deny. The truth has become song within my heart, a melody of hope and wonder, resonating with his wondrous wisdom and I, but a humble Saint, have let it grow like mighty tree within my youth.

I tremble at the wonders I have accomplished through He who has chosen me. The works that we have done as we walked the ancient pathways of his wisdom and glimpsed the infinite beauty of His Plan. Victory came to us, like a rider in the night, bearing a blazing torch when we were lost in the fray. But, as the Silent One has cleansed Illythia with fire, so too were we cleansed by the fires of war.

The shackles have fallen. We have melted the links into arrow heads, beaten the shovels into spears, and turned axes from trees to men. All Illythia has drank deep of the healing draught we have created from the blood of the oppressors, those wicked souls who defiled the sons and daughters of the Silent One. By our hands He has made his vision a reality, striking free the collars of the wretched and sorrowful.

Their bones will grow fresh crops, their flesh will spring forth young orchards, and their children play with ours. No son or daughter of the Silent One shall ever know slavery again, the weight of bonds, and the sorrow of oppression. With the dawn, He has given us hope and as I was once a young child, grown and molded into a mighty leader, so too shall our nation through His wisdom.

Praise to the Silent One and sing songs of His gladness. Let a cheer ring out, O Illythia for His plan is just and His wisdom vast. Heed the words of the Saints and their enlightened followers, for their teaching lead to fountains of victory and springs of gladness.”

To the choirmaster: accompanied with drums and stringed instruments

(Ripped from the Holy Tome, translated from High Malonese. Agent claims it is from Njordheim.)


Walker Tomlin,

The Cult of Mirna is nothing to be afraid of. I have studied their behaviors and their presence here in Pithe since their arrival. Their chapel is modest for now, but the mason I spoke with says that they have plans for a monastery as well. It makes sense, as these cultists rarely travel far from their monastery. The monks who currently reside in Pithe accept both men and women, usually unwanted children as their initiates, a charity that seems reasonable.

I do not believe in fearing the benign, even if their beliefs differ. Where others come with swords, these cultists come with salves, poultices, and bandages. This Mirna, is their patron saint of compassion and their labors show their devotion to the ideal. They have planted an herb garden for medicinal value and they have started transcribing books with the findings that they have made in the ways of anatomy and medicine. I have also seen several of their monks helping repair the old windmill that burned thirty years ago. The crier outside of their chapel does not cease in his shouting, but the locals have already started to mold his words into wind. It just passes over them, unnoticed now.

In all, I say that these cultists are no threat, nor are they a detraction from the community. Their overseer even came to speak with us, offering us gifts spoke with us about the betterment of Pithe and the wellbeing of the people. This, I believe is the way of the Path and though they may not see it, these cultists walk the Path. We have agreed to peace with them, but we watch them closely. No harm will come to Pithe on our watch.


On the Path,

Walker Narris


(A Letter discovered in the woods of Dovgorod beneath the charred ruins of an old monastery. Evidence points to it being Patherian and from the early days of Faithism)



Dearest Cardinal Charles,


The Patriarch is failing in health and these unholy wars in the north have put a strain on him. I feel for the man and my compassion and sorrow for his labors knows no limits, but the fact that he has let this infernal infighting chew at the heart of all the Faithful is beyond me. The Faithful need a common task a common enemy that is not merely a political one. Patriarch Reynard III has called a Holy Conquest on twenty eight different nobles. Twenty eight, Cardinal. That is warmongering. The old man is at the end of his life and he has nothing but a tapestry of blood to hang from the rafters in the Grand Cathedral.

The Pagans surround the Faithful and these insipid Patherians are forever present among us. If we are to make a stand, we cannot let Cardinal Rosaria take the mantle of Matriarch. Despite the fact that she is a woman, she is a Mirnan. When have the Mirnan’s done anything that has furthered our place of standing. There are eleven nations that claim to be Faithful, but over half of them allow Pagans or Patherians to walk freely in their courts. Rosaria will allow this to continue.

I’m putting forth the name of Gauthien as Patriarch. We need a Tiberian. Charles, Reynard was a bleeding Julian who tried to micromanage everything and dabbled in war. I want a Tiberian who can mobilize the forces of Saint Tiberius and root out the Pagans and Patherians. Once Gauthien has dealt with them, maybe then we can turn our attention to the demonic non-humans that fester in our lands. If you think I’m being an idealist, I suggest you look at King Allaric’s court in Dovgorod. Not a Pagan in sight. Why? Because he allows High Commander Hermann to do his job. Gauthien works closely with Hermann and King Allaric. It’s time to start unifying these lands, lest we fall victim to the fate of the Heartlands.

Further, the missionaries in the Territories continue to send promising reports. Should Gauthien take the throne, I will immediately advise for a Holy Conquest of Tyrantium. The Saints shall preserve our strength and we might get some of these bloodthirsty lords to take up the Banner of the Saints and march to a just war for once.

I can feel it in my blood, Charles. When Reynard is dead and Gauthien is ascended, great things are coming for the Faithful.


Ever Faithful, Ever Vigilant, Ever Just

Cardinal Vilamian Rexius of Landerly,

Faithful Overseer of all Landerly,

Advisor to King Laurent Gervais of Landerly and Mordale,

Faithful of the High Court,

Magistrate of the Cathedral of Marchetti,

Anointed by Holy Patriarch Reynard III


(A Letter recovered from the Grand Cathedral in Beauvois shortly before the death of Holy Patriarch Reynard III)


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