From the Shelves: The Holy Order of Saint Tiberius

It is said by the elitists and the powerful that violence is not an acceptable solution.

This is the lie of all those who hide behind wealth and power, shielding themselves in the innocents of their people and justifying their claim by forcing their foes to march through the blood of the untrained, inept, and weak. Worse, lesser men fall prey to this social trap time and time again. Nevertheless, it is still a lie and one that the sheep of the world are too eager to consume like poisoned grass.

Violence is the ultimate solution and it is the solution that all who claim tolerance and intellect eventually turn to. Those who disagree eventually grow tired of words and draw their daggers and when enough have bled from their backs, then violence becomes the ultimate solution, the inevitable solution. All disagreements come to violence and those who claim otherwise are called the victors of history and it is written in their hands that violence was avoided.

Tell that to the bones of every fallen nation, religion, and ideology.

People will always find a reason to disagree. First it is about heritage, skin or banners draw their lines and so people quarrel and disagree, weeding out those who are less trained, less skilled, or less advanced. And then, when kingdoms form, it is religion that divides them, so they consume each other with bloody teeth and claws until only one accepted religion remains. Finally, when people claim to be united, it the war of government that comes. Tyrants are overthrown for committees and then committees form factions and spill each other’s blood and then people who disagree in thought must be silenced or killed for their “intolerance” or “ignorance.” Tyrants take many forms, but in the end, war is the ultimate trade that all stoop to practice.

So why not dedicate your life to it. Why not have champions who would dedicate their lives to the inevitable art? For it is the warriors, not the nobles or the politicians or the priests who should decide when violence is needed, but the warriors who have bathed in blood, seen the orphans screaming through tears, and who have felt the cut of blades who should decide when death must be called.

Those who know nothing of violence or war are best educated as we are educated upon entering the order. They should be beaten. They should know fear and helplessness. They should know what it is they desire for those they disagree with over ideas before are allowed to inflict the plague of violence. Violence is the skill that few recognize. They call it barbaric, and perhaps it is, but so is building a shelter or cooking food. Violence requires respect and refinement.

No one understands this like the Tiberians.

I have seen towns burn, the price of those who will not use their words and play at the art I have dedicated my life to, I have seen orphans weeping over the bodies of the truly ignorant. I know the price that is paid by all when fools take up arms because they believe their cause is just and noble.

I do not serve the Faith or the Silent God. Our order is unlike any of the orders among the Faithful. We are called upon when heathens and pagans believe that violence is a tool to harm those who disagree with them. We teach them the error of their ways. The Tiberians have never lost a Holy Conquest, nor will we, so long as we remember what it is that we stand for. We exist to stop the spread of violence, like fools playing with fire. Better to burn them than watch others perish for their stupidity.

I stand ready, torch in hand, to do my duty.


–Cardinal Vallinius Garrus

Son of Saint Tiberius

Cardinal of Apaccia




The Holy Order of Saint Tiberius is nothing more than a mercenary band that has claimed legitimacy through the power of their namesake. Saint Tiberius was a warlord who incited a revolution in Malon that expelled the Imperator line, for a time, and then grew disgusted by the results. Instead, he marched his army West and ignited the War of Kings that burned for over two centuries. Now, the Faithful worship him like he had done something profound when all he did was ignite wars he never saw through.

Essentially, the Tiberians believe that cancer can be cured by giving people cancer. Violence begets violence, not the other way around. You cannot kill all the wicked men in the world. A fresh crop of wicked souls are brought into this world every day. They believe that making an example of those they slay will be enough to keep the next generation in check. This only inspires fear and conspirators.

They only thing that can be said in a positive light about the Tiberians is that they are men of their words and that they are complete in their actions. Do you recall the House of Wovesk of Arenja? Have you heard of the Alematti tribe of the Gueld Forest? Have you heard of King Volma of Njordheim’s bloodline?

No, because they are all victims of the Tiberians and now are ghosts and trophies in the Hall of Tiberius. When you inspire the wrath of the Tiberians, you cannot run, you cannot fight, and you cannot hide. They will hunt you to the ends of Illythia to ensure that your head is taken back to one of their Headquarters. They do not have Chapels or Cathedrals. The Tiberianas take fortresses and keeps from their victims and it is there that they worship the art of violence in defense of the Faithful.

Tiberius met his fate on the battlefield, fighting renegades of his own teaching and it is the same fate his disciples will meet. Violence is the mother of violence and it spreads like a disease. While the Tiberians will claim that they attempt to contain it, they merely inspire it for future generations.

War cannot be prevented by war.


Lord Arthur Webberly of Blackhill


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