From the Archivist: June 2nd, 2017

A Letter to the Reader,

Writing is perhaps one of the most enjoyable skills that I have. While it is not my primary occupation anymore, I find myself drawn to it over and over again. It’s a harbor that I frequent and I just can’t stay away from. It’s that little town you drive through and realize that everything is perfect, just a little too far away from where your life is currently, and that you know one day, if all the pieces fall into the right places and all the right roads are taken and God willing and the creeks don’t rise, you’ll end up there one day permanently. My love for writing has brought me to an experiment and a test to try something new, to forego the worries and the stress of perfecting a manuscript and hunting an agent and refining a query letter.

The Boy who Wandered has been a fun little experiment for me on many accounts. First off, I have grown tired of stressing over “making it.” As a writer and a human being, I think there is a burden placed on authors to be “discovered” or to be “professional.” These are things that I have found more detrimental to my life, mental health, and overall success of being a writer. I have a job I love, a family I love even more, and a passion that I explore with a set regiment because it is the only time I can afford to it. Art is no longer my center, but rather an accommodation and I have found success in this new outlook as an artist. Art is now a way for me to enjoy life, not find stress in life.

So, I embarked on an experiment to see what it would be like to have a story unfold twice a week over a duration of an origin story. There are several reasons why I have selected this story, this origin of Henry Tanner, and an origin in general that I will gladly address.

  • As you can tell form the weekly lore posts that I have made, Illythia is a living, breathing world that I have crafted, honed, and dug deep into like an imposter who slipped into the skin of an unaware victim. I have dedicated over 10 years of my life to building Illythia. I say this with both great pride and great shame as every writer of speculative fiction is in danger of falling into the quicksand of a world building trap, only to resurface years later finding little actual progress. However, I have a world full of characters, environments, monsters, heroes, and reality that I can work with. Therefore, of all the stories and worlds in my writer’s notebook, Illythia was my logical choice and the right choice. My stats prove it to. My lore chapters are often my most viewed.
  • Henry is a character that I have great affection for because Henry’s true story, the story that has grown over 10 years, says more than just the typical hero’s journey. While his origin story may not illuminate this reality, his true stories in the books to come, will, hopefully, say extensively more to you. As well as Illythia’s history, Henry’s history is robust and strong and I look forward to taking you on his journey and the journey of others in the weeks, months, and (hopefully) years to come.
  • Finally, I chose an origin story because I loathe origin stories. Origins are the same for everyone. Something terrible happens that seeds the way for greater things to come and hints at something much more interesting that never actually unfolds within the given story. I don’t care if it’s Godzilla or Batman, origins are all the same. Therefore, Henry’s origin was perfect… for experimenting with. While I will probably never bundle the Boy Who Wandered into a single, standalone ebook for readers, it did give me a natural feel for what I was embarking on. It was an expedition into the unknown and I have learned plenty that I intend to process and bring back to you in full force in the coming offerings. For example, I kept to a full three month schedule without missing a single deadline, something that I was truly intimidated by. I did not run out of lore offerings and I was able to keep a coherent story flowing. I learned that multiple points of view offer a breath of fresh air and help inject new life into the story and breaks up monotony, but that it also shifts and expands focus. I learned when you like to actually read what I write, dear Reader. I have learned that organic writing is much harder than I thought. Though I had Point A and Point M planned out, having the rest is much more pleasing to me than letting the character “Find his way” to the objective. But most importantly, I learned that I could do this.

Ultimately, that is what I am taking away from this. Kaedwyn is meant to be a collection of stories from Illythia, most of them revolving around Henry Tanner and several other Characters you will meet soon and some you’ll meet much later. While this may not have been the most thrilling Fantasy, it was the first step on a journey I am gleefully skipping ahead with. I want to thank each and every one of you for reading this blog and being here in the first days of its genesis. Stay with me, dear Reader. I have bold and beautiful plans in the future and I hope to award you all with gratitude and love in the future for your kindness and loyalty.

While I refine and hone the coming chapters for Henry Tanner, I will provide you a short story within the world of Illythia called “Godslayer”

I hope you all enjoy it.

Keep reading!




Your Archivist,

Korbin Voss


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