The Archivist

My name is Korbin Voss and as you’d expect, I’m a writer. I’ve made a career writing the works of others and I’ve decided that it’s time for me to step out of the shadows and begin telling the tales and adventures that have been taking root in my mind since I was young. There is a forest in my mind and each leaf is a different tale that I’m ready to share with you, free of cost.

I’ve chosen to take this route, because I have a world roiling with tales and adventures, complex and vast that I want to get out to you as quickly as possible. I don’t want you to have to wait for publishers, due dates, and the whole process to conclude for you to get content I want to deliver to you right now.

Honestly, I love writing and I love telling stories. I’m not a perfect writer and I’m going to have some mistakes every now and again, no matter how hard I try to polish these stories, but that’s okay. I want you to have everything I can offer to you and know that I will provide the best that I can for you. This I promise wholeheartedly!

For anyone looking to support me and who loves the stories, I’ll be bundling each of the adventures at their various arch conclusions and selling them for you. Friends of Kaedwyn will always get a discount and I want each and every reader to know how much I value you.