Chapter XVIII: The Specter

He couldn’t shake the feeling of the eyeball, burst and coating his thumb in a warm mush that made Henry want to gag. The way his head had jerked and he could feel the vibration of Naty’s scream as he gouged out his eye while Gorell gnawed his wrist before Henry had bashed his head… Continue reading Chapter XVIII: The Specter


Chapter III: The Rival

Squire shoved his way through the lingering cloud of gawkers and amateur-experts on the matter of Tyrantine law, the events that had unfolded, and Magistrate Rizvan’s tendencies to come down hard on the poorer criminals in the city and let the wealthy corrupt walk free. It was this sort of speculation that made Squire feel… Continue reading Chapter III: The Rival

Chapter II: The Trial

The gallery for those privileged citizens of Lord’s Hill overlooked the Common’s Hall in the most delightfully ironic way that it made Squire want to chuck every time he sat down on his wooden seat and looked over the rails down at the common folk who were forced to stand together like stalks of wheat… Continue reading Chapter II: The Trial

Chapter I: The Boy to Hang

If Squire had a son, he’d like to think that he would have been like the kid they had locked up in Bedrock. Word had been spread throughout the entire city that the kid that they had locked up there was the most notorious killer or hero that Trennon had ever had. This wasn’t Marchetti… Continue reading Chapter I: The Boy to Hang