From the Shelves: Commerce in Illythia

While it is said that it is the lords and nobles, kings and counts of the land that dictate plenty and happiness, this is not true. It is no truer than the gods or saints keeping a land healthy and happy. It is trade that ensures the survival and the prosperity of a kingdom. Look… Continue reading From the Shelves: Commerce in Illythia


Chapter XIX: The Gallows

“They’re making bets on you,” Lufti told Henry at one point through the bars as he leaned against them and ate a biscuit that he tore lethargically and chewed even slower. He looked at Henry who pretended like he didn’t care that Lufti was telling him that he was the newest gambling addiction for the… Continue reading Chapter XIX: The Gallows

Chapter XVIII: The Specter

He couldn’t shake the feeling of the eyeball, burst and coating his thumb in a warm mush that made Henry want to gag. The way his head had jerked and he could feel the vibration of Naty’s scream as he gouged out his eye while Gorell gnawed his wrist before Henry had bashed his head… Continue reading Chapter XVIII: The Specter

From the Shelves: Magicians

Knights train their entire lives in the arts of war, strategy, and tactics; nobles learn of diplomacy, commerce, and governance; craftsmen learn quality, efficiency, and economics; and Magicians learn focus, clarity, and expression. As diligent as the finest knights, as dedicated as the most successful nobles, and as efficient as the wealthiest merchants; Magicians require… Continue reading From the Shelves: Magicians

Chapter III: The Rival

Squire shoved his way through the lingering cloud of gawkers and amateur-experts on the matter of Tyrantine law, the events that had unfolded, and Magistrate Rizvan’s tendencies to come down hard on the poorer criminals in the city and let the wealthy corrupt walk free. It was this sort of speculation that made Squire feel… Continue reading Chapter III: The Rival

Chapter II: The Trial

The gallery for those privileged citizens of Lord’s Hill overlooked the Common’s Hall in the most delightfully ironic way that it made Squire want to chuck every time he sat down on his wooden seat and looked over the rails down at the common folk who were forced to stand together like stalks of wheat… Continue reading Chapter II: The Trial

From the Shelves: The Holy Order of Saint Tiberius

It is said by the elitists and the powerful that violence is not an acceptable solution. This is the lie of all those who hide behind wealth and power, shielding themselves in the innocents of their people and justifying their claim by forcing their foes to march through the blood of the untrained, inept, and… Continue reading From the Shelves: The Holy Order of Saint Tiberius

Chapter I: The Boy to Hang

If Squire had a son, he’d like to think that he would have been like the kid they had locked up in Bedrock. Word had been spread throughout the entire city that the kid that they had locked up there was the most notorious killer or hero that Trennon had ever had. This wasn’t Marchetti… Continue reading Chapter I: The Boy to Hang

Chapter XVII: Murder

All around Trennon, it was known as the Bishop’s Stand and it was as heroic sounding as the name implied. There were wild rumors at the taverns and alehouses around Drunkard’s Avenue and Innkeepers’ Row. There were dramatic retellings with the Bishop calling down Mirna who stuck a fiery sword through Faolan’s right hand man’s… Continue reading Chapter XVII: Murder

From the Shelves: Auryna, Lewetha, and Varulius

When Hyratus, the God of Light, ruled the heavens and pushed his will upon the other gods, there was never night and never darkness. Hyratus believed that he would need to stay awake and watch all to ensure that there was no chaos and no rebellion. And as Hyratus stayed awake, studying Illythia and speaking… Continue reading From the Shelves: Auryna, Lewetha, and Varulius