From the Archivist: August 22, 2017

Well, I've been gone a while. I hate it when blogs make posts like this, but here I am, biting the bullet. Why? Because I have a book for you. That's right, I have a freaking book for you.     Now, this isn't a post begging you to buy my book, but rather to… Continue reading From the Archivist: August 22, 2017


From the Archivist: June 21st, 2017

Hey Readers, Godslayer has concluded and the story of Branch facing off against Wiremu has officially ended. Part of the reason I wanted to start this blog was to get little novellas and short stories out to the public that would never make it to the light of day without an avenue like Kaedwyn. I… Continue reading From the Archivist: June 21st, 2017

Godslayer: Part VII

The ocean never forgot, but not because it was sentimental, but because it never remembered in the first place. The ocean wasn’t like the earth. Fight a battle and the grass would be trampled into a mud slick, a forest would burn, and the dead would haunt the soil for generations. If Humanity set up… Continue reading Godslayer: Part VII

Godslayer: Part VI

The black arrows stuck out of the hairy back of the goat, sending a deeper read running through the hair of the creature, more vivid than the pain it was covered in. The goat’s eyes were wide with pain and fear, its whole body shivering and shaking as it lay in the sand for Branch… Continue reading Godslayer: Part VI

Godslayer: Part V

When Wiremu rose, there was no mistaking the size of the Titan and Branch felt everything inside of him go limp and slack. He had faced off against a Giant before and he had even seen a dragon and felt like a pebble next to it, but this was something completely different. The dragon had… Continue reading Godslayer: Part V

Godslayer: Part IV

“What’s it called?” Branch’s fingers never lest the mast as the stiff wind billowed the vaka’s only sail. “Monga-Tui,” Kaia answered for him. She scratched behind the goat’s shaggy ears as it bleated and stared at the island. Branch didn’t quite get the goat, but he figured they’d have food on the way back if… Continue reading Godslayer: Part IV

Godslayer: Part III

“Okay, give it to me straight,” Branch said as he tried to find his center as he sat cross-legged at the center of the weird raft that their people used. Kaia, who had a completely unfounded and obsessive interest in Branch sat across form him, cross-legged and didn’t seem to feel every wave passing under… Continue reading Godslayer: Part III

Godslayer: Part II

The island never received a name, because despite the coconuts that it provided those who were desperate to discover it, the island was less than hospitable. This lucky coincidence was a metaphor that would not be lost on Branch, had he known about it. He heard nothing as he stood there, consumed by the giant… Continue reading Godslayer: Part II

Godslayer: Part I

Branch wasn’t always a tree, but he couldn’t remember a time when he wasn’t a tree or a treeman at least. He wasn’t a Floran, no no! He wasn’t one of those mindless nitwits that babbled incessantly about Mother Tree and frolicked in the forests straight to the slave markets of Tyrantium. No, he was… Continue reading Godslayer: Part I

From the Archivist: June 2nd, 2017

A Letter to the Reader, Writing is perhaps one of the most enjoyable skills that I have. While it is not my primary occupation anymore, I find myself drawn to it over and over again. It’s a harbor that I frequent and I just can’t stay away from. It’s that little town you drive through… Continue reading From the Archivist: June 2nd, 2017