From the Shelves: Commerce in Illythia

While it is said that it is the lords and nobles, kings and counts of the land that dictate plenty and happiness, this is not true. It is no truer than the gods or saints keeping a land healthy and happy. It is trade that ensures the survival and the prosperity of a kingdom. Look… Continue reading From the Shelves: Commerce in Illythia


From the Shelves: Magicians

Knights train their entire lives in the arts of war, strategy, and tactics; nobles learn of diplomacy, commerce, and governance; craftsmen learn quality, efficiency, and economics; and Magicians learn focus, clarity, and expression. As diligent as the finest knights, as dedicated as the most successful nobles, and as efficient as the wealthiest merchants; Magicians require… Continue reading From the Shelves: Magicians

From the Shelves: The Holy Order of Saint Tiberius

It is said by the elitists and the powerful that violence is not an acceptable solution. This is the lie of all those who hide behind wealth and power, shielding themselves in the innocents of their people and justifying their claim by forcing their foes to march through the blood of the untrained, inept, and… Continue reading From the Shelves: The Holy Order of Saint Tiberius

From the Shelves: Auryna, Lewetha, and Varulius

When Hyratus, the God of Light, ruled the heavens and pushed his will upon the other gods, there was never night and never darkness. Hyratus believed that he would need to stay awake and watch all to ensure that there was no chaos and no rebellion. And as Hyratus stayed awake, studying Illythia and speaking… Continue reading From the Shelves: Auryna, Lewetha, and Varulius

From the Shelves: The Yavas River

The Yavas is the slow, patient mother of Tyrantium. It has always been a member of the geography and topography of these lands and it has helped mold the early days of the tribes and clans that lived in in Tyrantinum before the Empire, before the Magicians, before the Horse Lords and the hordes. The… Continue reading From the Shelves: The Yavas River

From the Shelves: The Gods

It is said, that the gods once walked among men. It is a common thread that I have discovered, not just among the Tyrantines, Malonese, and the texts we still have from Atherlon. But what surprises me, is that the Woodlanders claim the same. The spirits tell them that the gods walked the forests and… Continue reading From the Shelves: The Gods

From the Shelves: Trennon

“I first came to Trennon from the East, making my way upon the back of an ass from Valen with a convoy of merchants and traders with their armed escorts. The safest way to travel in the Territories is in groups. Lone travelers vanish from the road as quickly as the wildflowers do from the… Continue reading From the Shelves: Trennon

From the Shelves: The Holy Order of Saint Mirna

The Canticle of Saint Mirna A Prayer of the Saint Mirna as according to Haymjar. “O Silent One, I bask in your renown and glory. I am prostrate with reverence that in my time I might see such wonders. Who am I, O Silent One, that I might hear your call when I was but… Continue reading From the Shelves: The Holy Order of Saint Mirna

From the Shelves: Forlorn Centurions I

Pulled from the References:   I saw what he did, Balto. I saw him kill Ernesto’s crew. One man, on my mother’s grave. The bastard was in the alley and Ernesto’s lad, the one they call Butter, well he’d set the mark, saw he was armed coming in to Manolo, but the Don’s men confiscated… Continue reading From the Shelves: Forlorn Centurions I

From the Shelves: The Territories

From the References: Each collected by Kaedwyn agents post reception To Vizier Haluk alu Marun What is this blubbering that I’m hearing in the Council? I have heard from multiple sources that you are about whining and sobbing over your appointment as Overseer of Vanois. What impudence and thankless callousness? Need I remind you of… Continue reading From the Shelves: The Territories